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Dometic Care

Damaged reputation. Best employees lost. Spiralling profits.

You’re caravanning in the outback. Your van fridge has stopped working. What makes you most angry? Terrible customer service!




When you literally sell hundreds of thousands of products, a small percentage of faults turn into hundreds of customer service calls.

What makes customers angry?
Waiting for a resolution. Being the buck that’s passed around.
Getting boomeranged. Not being able to find service fast.




Dometic wanted to offer faster service; better service and a way to all the information the customer needs at their fingertips.

Enter Dometic Care. An online interface that tells you what you bought (think model and serial number), when you bought it, where you bought it from, when your warranty expires, where the closest service provider is.

What’s more, your customer service provider can access the same information. Well then. Let’s get your problem fixed pronto.




Oh, did we mention? We added a manufacturer’s extended warranty at warranty registration that provided a revenue stream for OEM’s retailers and service providers. Good service. Best reputation. Better profitability